Recovery Month

We at the Illinois Helpline wish our community a happy Recovery Month! 

Recovery Month is a time to celebrate those in recovery and the strength of the recovery community. During Recovery Month, we remember that recovery is for everyone – and it can also look different for everyone. Whether you are just beginning your recovery journey, are in long-term recovery, or love someone who is in recovery, the Helpline can connect you to treatment and recovery services that are right for you.  

About recovery 

There are many pathways of recovery. Find what works for you.  

Recovery begins with the hope that change is possible and the knowledge that there is a community out there to support your journey. Our team is here for continued support and can connect you to additional recovery and treatment support services that are right for you. 

While long-term recovery can be hard to imagine if you are still using or in early recovery, it is possible and happens every day. In addition to counseling and other supports, many people use medication as they enter into and maintain their recovery.  

People in early and long-term recovery use different services to support their recovery. You might also find other ways to help support your recovery. It could be your religious faith, therapy, sports, meditation, or anything else that helps keep you healthy. 

Stories of Recovery 

Watch the story of Laura and Alex. Both in recovery, helping each other, and people in their community.

You can see more stories of recovery here, featuring real people from Illinois.  

Call us at 833-234-6343 to talk about what might be right for you, or learn more about recovery. 

You can see real people in Illinois talk about their own journeys with substance use disorder, harm reduction, and recovery here

Reach out 

If you’re ready to begin your recovery journey or are looking for more support, reach out to the IL Helpline by phone at 833-234-6343. We’re here for you.