Recovery-Oriented Systems of Care funding opportunity

The Illinois Department of Human Services, Division of Substance Use Prevention and Recovery (IDHS/SUPR) is releasing a new Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO), Recovery-Oriented Systems of Care-Illinois Statewide Network (ROSC-ISN) Grant. IDHS/SUPR has allocated $1,000,000 for the establishment of multiple, networked, geographically distributed ROSC Councils that will assist communities with building local recovery-oriented systems of care that can network with other established ROSC Councils in the state. Councils shall be supported by a lead agency collaborating with community members. To ensure the sustainability of the ROSC Councils, successful applicants must demonstrate a commitment to establish the ROSC Council permanently with a long-term strategic plan, either as a stand-alone non-profit organization or with a permanent business relationship with a lead agency. Learn more here.

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