Stories of Help

These are the stories of real people in Illinois who dedicate themselves to helping others wherever they may be in their recovery journey. The Helpline wants to thank the treatment providers and individuals in recovery from across the state who shared their stories, and everyone who works to make treatment and recovery in Illinois possible.

  • Help is Here: The Illinois Helpline

    Help for opioid and other substance use disorders is available in Illinois. In this video featuring service providers, organizations, and individuals, Danielle Kirby, Director of the Division of Substance Use Prevention and Recovery (SUPR), IL Department of Human Services, talks about the transformation going on statewide, and how the Illinois Helpline can be the first step to accessing much-needed information, services, and support. Help is here.
  • Laurie’s Story

    Laurie and Natalie met while in recovery and became close friends. Going through the recovery process together allowed them to support one another and grow together. Today, they help others navigating the recovery process, and encourage anyone who needs help to reach out.
  • Rex’s Story

    Rex Alexander, Director, Recovery Support Programs, Illinois Department of Human Services, shares his journey with his community to give back and help people in recovery achieve success.
  • Laura and Alex’s Story

    Laura and Alex, a mother and son both in recovery, work together to support individuals and families in their recovery journeys.
  • Aisha’s Story

    Aisha lost her oldest daughter to substance use and she’s turning her pain into purpose. See the wonderful work that Aisha is doing to honor her daughter’s memory and prevent this from happening to others. You are not alone. Reach out to us at the Illinois Helpline at or call 833-234-6343 to learn about the services available to you.
  • Dr. Karen White’s Story

    Dr. Karen White has seen what drugs have done to her family and her community. Hear this community leader’s inspiring story of change. And reach out to the Illinois Helpline at or call 833-234-6343 to learn about the services available to you.