Are you Really Winning?” Public Art Competition for Problem Gambling Awareness

2024 Art Competition

First Place

Adrienne McConkie – Sycamore, IL
Title: Finding Help

Adrienne McConkie’s artwork, “Finding Help,” delves deep into the internal turmoil of gambling disorder, shedding light on the recent revelation of funds misappropriation within the local music education community. Using oil and acrylic on canvas, McConkie’s piece serves as a poignant reminder of the urgent need for support and empathy during times of crisis.

Second Place

Pamela Penney Oak Park, IL
Title: Send Help

Pamela Penney, a resident of Oak Park, intricately weaves a narrative of struggle with her fiber art piece titled “Send Help.” This woven piece of art is a wall hanging…and the shadow that is created forms the words ‘Send Help.’ Depicting the concealed battles of gambling addiction, Penney’s crocheted creation reveals an S.O.S. when illuminated, compelling viewers to confront the harsh realities of gambling disorder and extend a compassionate hand to those in need.

Third Place

Mackenzie Hulke Normal, IL
Title: Addiction

Mackenzie Hulke, based in Normal, captures the devastating grip of gambling addiction through her evocative photography series titled “Addiction.” One captivating image portrays the symbolic burning of cards, mirroring the unraveling of both the deck and the player’s life. Hulke’s work invites viewers into a reflective dialogue on the profound societal impacts of unchecked addiction.