Take the Problem Gambling Helpline screener

Could I have a gambling problem? 

This screener can help people to understand what gambling activities could lead to problem gambling or other negative outcomes like money or relationship problems.

But problem gambling can be managed and treated. This brief screener can help people decide whether to get a formal evaluation of their gambling activities and understand their options.


In these questions, “gambling” means buying lottery tickets, gambling at a casino, playing cards or dice for money, betting on sports games, playing slot machines, video poker or other video gambling, gambling on the internet, betting on horses or dogs, playing video games with gambling activities or loot box purchases, trading stocks or other speculative investments, and playing bingo or Keno.

Please answer these questions with “Yes” or “No” answers. 

About the screener

The Problem Gambling Helpline screener is made up of 9 questions from the Eisenberg Disordered Gambling SBIRT Pre-screen and Screen, which was adapted by Illinois from the DSM5 and BBGS. 

Also known as Gambling Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment (GBIRT), it is an evidence-based approach to identifying individuals who may have or are at high risk of developing gambling problems. The goal of GBIRT is to reduce and prevent gambling-related problems. 

Research suggests that there are high rates of comorbidity between substance use disorders and problem gambling. For more information about substance use, treatment, and other resources please visit Illinois Helpline.

Was I really winning?

Money was disappearing along with my relationships.

But then I found the help that I needed.”

Fortunately, help is here.